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ÅFORSK-stipendiat, 2017. Interview Annika Dopping

Please tell us a little bit about you. Who are you as an entrepreneur? What is your background? What inspires you?

As an entrepreneur in the communications field, my foremost passion is to discover and share brilliant ideas and innovations, which significantly uplift the lives and well-being of many people, and enable us to thrive in society in balance with each other and with Nature. 
     My first job was as tour guide in Morocco and after a season I became Site Manager in Scotland for the Swedish Travel agency Fritidsresor at the age of 20. This accelerated a necessity to be prepared to creatively solve urgent, unexpected problems, while taking full responsibility for the welfare of people of all ages.

Later, having graduated as a physiotherapist in Sweden, I found the repertoire of conventional medicine far too limited. Instead, I began to make educational films about how to prevent disease and maintain health. After an exclusive TV producer education at Sweden’s National Public TV Broadcaster SVT and two years as acting Program Director for the new TV Channel TV4 I ended up with my own TV show there, with the opportunity to interview many knowledgeable and high profile leaders – such as the Dalai Lama and president Bill Clinton – as well as facilitating innumerable meetings and conferences in the most diverse lines of business.

My experience has given me a wide array of insights about how to achieve success as well as avoiding the failures that come from dysfunctional management. Through the years, I have developed a gift for identifying urgent needs and challenges across many sectors of society, and then facilitate opportunities for the most apt individuals, strategic stakeholders and partners to share their unique perspectives and viable, visionary solutions with receptive audiences. 
     It inspires me immensely to be able cross-fertilize ideas, bridge gaps between critical needs and the keys to resolve them, help design optimal teams and then customize communication for different target groups. 
     My professional life has brought me an extensive, highly esteemed global network and access to influential people in many important arenas which, of course, is invaluable in entrepreneurship.

Describe your business idea regarding automation in agriculture

Our business idea is to use digital technology to increase the precision and level of automation for different types of industrial processes. The technology can be used in different sectors to handle equipment fast and automatized. Examples of sectors are heavy handling in metal industry, farming, constructing and the forest industry. In summary, a smart, precise handling system.

The flexibility of the software makes it easy to adapt the system to different areas. The users can handle the software on different levels and adjust it for their needs. The collecting of big data gives us the opportunity to use adaptive control loops to constantly improve the system.

     The technology is designed to use renewable energy within a low energy consumption concept, which meets the new requirements for climate change and enables sustainable solutions.
     We are proud to announce that 14 out of Sweden’s 16 National Environmental Objectives are positively affected by our innovation, among them:
  • Reduced Climate Impact
  • Clean Air
  • A Non-Toxic Environment
  • Thriving Wetlands
  • A Varied Agricultural Landscape
  • Good-Quality Groundwater
  • Natural Acidification Only
  • A Balanced Marine Environment, Flourishing Coastal Areas and Archipelagos
  • A Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life


We are delighted to have our Expert Team present the technical specification once our patents and Immaterial Property Rights are secured.

How did you come up with it/where does it origin from?

The ideas have emerged and evolved from the members of the team, successively addressing challenges in the different sectors where they operate. 
     The team’s broad range of experiences in research and technology as well as industry and practical farming, has led to a number of wellgrounded solutions, adapted into a smart handling system. 
     Although this is a Start-up Company we are extremely well prepared and have done our homework; checking our progress with numerous relevant stakeholders and out of that merging innovation, professionalism and care for the planet into a powerful and promising core.

What does the ”elevator pitch” sound like?

Our purpose is to help secure a sustainable and smart handling system. Through digitalization and sophisticated technology, we increase the precision and level of automation for our users, which both simplifies their work and increases profitability, while reducing emissions and climate impact.

What has been your toughest challenge so far?

Financing the Start-up.

Which incubator or science park are you connected to?

Dalarna Science Park in Borlänge, and Robotdalen in Västerås.

What impact does the incubator or science park have on you as an entrepreneur as well as your business?

Above all they contribute with experience and valuable networks.

What does it mean for you and your business to receive the 2017 Entrepreneurial Scholarship from the ÅForsk Foundation?

This scholarship will allow us to fully focus on the crucial next steps towards getting our financing secured and find the absolute smartest capital for our long term development.
     It is incredibly welcome for a Start-up, having spent years to gather, develop and refine endless input, to get this opportunity to strategically plan and prioritize our upcoming actions, for the benefit of the upcoming Texactor Impact!